AdvancedMD EMR Software Review

If you're looking for an EMR software, you've come to the right place. Our AdvancedMD EMR software review will cover the key features, cost, and learning curve of this software. This review will provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision about which EMR software will work best for you. We hope you'll find our recommendations useful! Just remember to read our other articles for unbiased reviews of EMR software.

Review of AdvancedMD EMR software

This AdvancedMD EMR software review will give you a good idea of the features it offers. AdvancedMD offers features for medical specialists and practices of all sizes, as well as billing needs. While the AdvancedMD software is flexible and customizable, there are some downsides, as the company's support team may not be always reachable within the first year of service. Also, this software requires Microsoft Windows, Internet Explorer, and Office, so it may not be compatible with other operating systems. However, with its dedication to enhancing clinical outcomes and reducing healthcare costs, AdvancedMD EMR software appears to be a great fit for most practices.

Integrated with Surescripts, AdvancedMD EMR software lets you manage patient prescription history. Surescripts is a popular feature of medical software, and AdvancedMD allows you to export all the information from it into your EMR. AdvancedMD also integrates with DrFirst for electronic prescriptions. AdvancedMD EMR software is easy to use and provides many features. There are some downsides to AdvancedMD EMR software, though, which may make it a good fit for your practice.

Key Features

The AdvancedMD EMR software can be customized according to your specific needs. With the HealthWatcher donut filter, you can view recurring visits of patients and list reasons for the repeat visits. AdvancedMD's scheduling features are user-friendly and intuitive. AdvancedMD is ranked as the best ambulatory EHR in 2018 and serves over 26,000 practices. Here are some key features to consider when selecting this software:

AdvancedMD is designed for busy practice owners and providers. It offers intuitive patient check-in, automated appointment reminders, recurring appointment functionality, and patient waitlist management. It also offers robust features that allow independent physician groups to compete with hospital-owned practices. AdvancedMD's scheduling software also features a comprehensive patient engagement tool, which helps reduce no-shows and increase patient satisfaction. AdvancedMD integrates with DrFirst and Surescripts for electronic prescription of controlled substances.


If you're a small physician practice or solo practitioner who needs an EMR, you may be wondering how much AdvancedMD EMR software costs. AdvancedMD EMR software is a cloud-based platform that allows physicians to manage patient billing, schedule appointments, and chart patient records. Costing approximately $229 to $429 per provider per month, the AdvancedMD EMR software includes billing, practice management, and training for under five hundred dollars per month.

AdvancedMD is an excellent, comprehensive platform with extensive customization options. It's also affordable, with an annual price of $729 per provider per month. But it's important to remember that AdvancedMD also offers a range of add-on features that other systems don't. While the company offers a competitive price, the company's support is a concern for some providers. For large practices, the per-encounter payment option makes AdvancedMD a good value.

Learning Curve

If you're a new user of AdvancedMD EMR Software, it's important to realize that it has a steep learning curve. Fortunately, AdvancedMD includes a series of self-guided tutorials, which will help you navigate the software and its features quickly. In addition, the AdvancedMD claims center allows you to view patient information from the exam room, such as their current medications, allergies, and recent lab results. It also flags potential interactions between medications and patient allergies.

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Because AdvancedMD is a sophisticated EMR software platform, the learning curve can be steep. It can take eight to 11 weeks from insurance credentialing to implement, so be sure to budget sufficient time to complete the implementation. While it comes with a 24-hour help desk and in-house support, you'll find that there are no significant problems with AdvancedMD's software once you've got used to it.


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